Anti-Phishing Firm IRONSCALES Raises $6.5 Million

IRONSCALES, an Israel-based startup that specializes in automated phishing prevention, detection and response, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $6.5 million in a Series A funding round.
This brings the total raised by IRONSCALES since 2015 to more than $8 million. The company says this has been its third consecutive year of triple-digit revenue growth.
The investment round was led by K1 Investment Management, with participation from existing investor RDC. The company says the newly raised funds will be used to accelerate its channel partner program, expand its global sales team, and expedite research and development for its threat detection, intelligence sharing, and incident response technologies.
​​​​​“IRONSCALES’ unique approach to phishing detection and remediation particularly resonated with the K1 team, and we looking forward to leveraging our previous experience in partnering with growing security companies as the company strengthens its position within a rapidly evolving market,” commented Hasan Askari, managing partner at K1.
IRONSCALES also announced on Tuesday that its North American headquarters will be launched in the first quarter of 2018. The company’s VP of sales will be based in Atlanta, Georgia, while R&D will remain in Israel.
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IRONSCALES products provide protection for every stage of an email-based phishing attack. IronSchool provides simulations and training for an organization’s employees, while IronSights is designed to detect phishing attacks in users’ inboxes. IronTraps is a solution for automated incident response, and Federation provides real-time intelligence sharing.
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