Under-fire Cabinet Office minister Damian Green has reportedly told an internal government enquiry that he has proof he was not the one who downloaded porn onto his Parliamentary computer.
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The minister has forwarded to investigators an email from Eleanor Laing, deputy speaker of the House of Commons, detailing how one of Laing’s staff had found porn on her boss’s computer without having accessed or watched it, according to the Telegraph.
Green was accused by ex-senior cop Bob Quick of having had pornography on his work computer 10 years ago. The former policeman was forced to step down shortly after showing a document marked “Secret” to press photographers. Immediately prior to that, he had led an operation that entered Parliament without a warrant and arrested Green for received documents leaked from the Home Office.

The minister has consistently denied downloading or viewing porn on his work computer, saying: “No allegations about the presence of improper material on my parliamentary computers have ever been put to me or to the parliamentary authorities by the police.”
Quick was repeating and endorsing allegations made by the BBC last week, which quoted another one of the Metropolitan Police’s finest, an ex-detective named Neil Lewis, who appeared to confess last week to having retained private copies of data he took from Green’s computers.
Met commissioner Cressida Dick has claimed her force is thinking about investigating Lewis. Dick was the officer in charge of the infamous killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, for which no police employee was ever brought before a court or even disciplined.
In defending Green over the weekend, fellow Conservative MP Nadine Dorries made the startling admission that she shares her personal login credentials with her staff, prompting howls of dismay from the information security community. ®


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