Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

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Monday 27 November 2017
The end of net neutrality draws near
How one man could have deleted any image on Facebook
Facebook tool will reveal if you were fooled by Russian propaganda
Imgur breached back in 2014, wasn’t storing your passwords properly
Tuesday 28 November 2017
Apple Macs have gaping root hole – here’s a superquick way to check and fix it
Most Fancy Bear hacking targets weren’t warned by FBI
Age verification legislation will lead to porn habit database
Involved in a data breach? Firefox to test alerts in the browser
Wednesday 29 November 2017
Apple closes that big root hole – “Install this update as soon as possible”
Radio Shack robbery to have huge consequences for location privacy
US indicts three Chinese nationals for alleged cyberattacks
Google AI lets phone owners know about shoulder surfers
Thursday 30 November 2017
Google sued over iPhone ‘Safari Workaround’ data snooping
Snapchat takes a swipe at fake news
Apple’s “blank root password” fix needs a fix of its own – here it is
Mr. Robot eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko – the security review
Epic Games sues 14-year-old cheater, mother launches rhetorical firestorm
Friday 1 December 2017
Coinbase ordered to turn over customer records to IRS
Former IT manager used employer’s computer to view child abuse
RFID repeater used to steal Mercedes with keys locked inside a house
Microsoft defends Windows 10 against ASLR criticism

Apple’s rocky week with passwords in High Sierra [VIDEO]
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