RSA developers and admins have been given two critical-level authentication bugs to patch.
For the sysadmin, the issue struck RSA’s software providing Web-based authentication for Apache. CVE-2017-14377 is an authentication bypass that existed because of an “input validation flaw in RSA Authentication Agent for Web for Apache Web Server”.
If the authentication agent is configured to use UDP there’s no problem, but if it’s using TCP, a remote and unauthenticated attacker can send a crafted packet that triggers a validation error, gaining access to resources on the target.
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RSA has released a patch here.
The other critical-rated bug is in the RSA Authentication Agent SDK for C, meaning it would be inherited by other systems developed in the SDK.

Versions 8.5 and 8.7 of the SDK had an error handling flaw, CVE-2017-14378, affecting TCP asynchronous mode implementations, in which “return codes from the API/SDK are not handled properly by the application”.
If an attacker triggered the error handling flaw, they could bypass authentication restrictions on the target system.
The fix for the C version of the SDK is here, and the bug isn’t present in the Java version of the SDK. ®


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