Russian Cybercriminal Gets Another Prison Sentence

Roman Valeryevich Seleznev, the son of a Russian lawmaker, has been handed another prison sentence in the United States for his role in a massive cybercrime ring.
The 33-year-old, known online as Track2, Bulba and Ncux, was previously sentenced by a U.S. court to 27 years in prison for 38 counts of wire fraud, hacking, identity theft, and payment card fraud.
After pleading guilty to racketeering and conspiracy to commit bank fraud charges on September 7, he received another 14-year prison sentence for the first charge in Nevada and another 14 years for the second charge in Georgia. The sentences will run concurrently to each other and to the previous 27-year sentence.

Seleznev has also been ordered to pay nearly $51 million in the Nevada case and over $2.1 million in the Georgia case.
According to authorities, Seleznev admitted being part of, an Internet-based organization that specialized in identity theft and credit card fraud. The Russian national created a website, which he advertised on, to allow fraudsters to easily purchase stolen payment card data for roughly $20 per account number.
Authorities estimate that activities conducted by members of resulted in victims losing a total of $50,893,166.35, the exact amount that Seleznev has been ordered to pay.
In the Georgia case, Seleznev admitted being a “casher” (i.e. an individual who withdraws cash using stolen bank account information) in a scheme targeting an Atlanta-based firm that processed credit and debit card transactions for financial institutions. Hackers breached the company’s systems and obtained more than 45 million payment cards, which they used to withdraw over $9.4 million from 2,100 ATMs in 280 cities worldwide. The money was withdrawn in less than 12 hours.
Law enforcement conducted a massive operation targeting users and operators. A total of 55 individuals have been charged and 33 of them have already been convicted; the rest are either pending trial or are on the run.
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