Anatomy of a Threat: Cryptocurrencies in the Crosshairs

Brad Antoniewicz , security researcher, Cisco

As a security researcher at Cisco, Brad Antoniewicz has the opportunity to watch cybersecurity threats emerge and evolve. Among the latest: a shift in phishing campaigns to target cryptocurrencies. Antoniewicz explains the shift and how organizations can respond.
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In an interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Healthcare Security Summit in New York, Antoniewicz discusses:
The current threat landscape and how it’s changed;
How security leaders should respond; to this course change;
The role of IoT in 2018’s threat landscape.
Antoniewicz is a security researcher in Cisco’s umbrella security research group. He is an adjunct professor teaching “Vulnerability Analysis and Exploitation” and a hacker-in-residence at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Antoniewicz is also a contributing author to the series of books: “Hacking Exposed” and “Hacking Exposed: Wireless”.


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